EmpoderaLIVE'23: Privacy and Data Protection as Fundamental HUman Rights

I was thrilled to be on stage with the Tor Project for the 2023 edition of EmpoderaLIVE. Giorgio and I followed a strong segment from Joyce Dogniez of the Internet Society Foundation, which delved into the intersection of human rights issues and the Internet already. After Giorgio explained how the Tor project saves lives right now, my part was relatively simple – I mostly said that I want to make Tor project obsolete.

CLT'23: Distributed Authorization with CAProck

This year, we were presenting at the Linux Days in Chemnitz. The talk was about how to achieve full distribution with authorization in networked systems – of course using CAProck. The slides are in English, but the presentation itself was held in German.

Impressions from the OHCHR consultation on human rights and technical standard-setting processes for new and emerging digital technologies

Just over a week ago, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights hosted a consultation on human rights in technical standard-setting processes, which I managed to attend the first half of. I live blogged some impressions, that deserve a summary here. Speaking were human rights researches, security standards contributors, and representatives of standards organizations. Niels ten Oever (@nllz@mastodon.cloud) is a researcher in the intersection of tech and human rights, and particiapates in IRTF together with the current chairs Mallory Knodel of the Center for Democracy & Technology and SofĂ­a Celi of Brave Software.

FOSDEM'23 and OFFDEM O3 Recap

Unfortunately, in 2023 there were no Interpeer related talks at FOSDEM – after a few years of virtual conference, FOSDEM had a large number of talk submissions to deal with, and ours did not make the cut. However, FOSDEM is not just about talks – it’s often more about the meetings in the hallways and gathering spots. And so Interpeer was still present at the conference. It won’t be useful to summarize all the different conversations at the conference.