FOSDEM'23 and OFFDEM O3 Recap

Unfortunately, in 2023 there were no Interpeer related talks at FOSDEM – after a few years of virtual conference, FOSDEM had a large number of talk submissions to deal with, and ours did not make the cut.

However, FOSDEM is not just about talks – it’s often more about the meetings in the hallways and gathering spots. And so Interpeer was still present at the conference.

Interpeer at FOSDEM

It won’t be useful to summarize all the different conversations at the conference. I do want to highlight one I’ve had in the unoffical fringe of FOSDEM, however, at OFFDEM.

Here, was presenting ERIS, while I gave a recap of my IETF115 presentation of vessel. We were comparing file formats for distributed storage (and, consequently, distribution). In addition, a developer of hypercore gave a view from that project’s perspective. A few computer science students weighed in with questions and remarks.

The result was probably one of the best discussions around these topics that I’ve had to date. It was a true pleasure diving into the pros and cons of the different approaches for various use cases.

Meanwhile, NLNet had made some nifty hexaognal stickers for all the projects they support, including of course Interpeer. The stickers did rather well, judging by how few or many were left afterwards, and some have been spotted in the wild.

I still have not processed FOSDEM or OFFDEM entirely, but I did want to share these two small highlights.

It’s been good!

Published on February 7, 2023