New Year, New Website

Happy New Year 2023!

Is a new website a good reason for a blog post? Maybe on a slow news day. But we have not been updating you here for a while, so let’s use the change of year for a recap and update.

2022 Recap

2022 has been a very busy year for us. Our R&D focus has shifted from lower level transport protocols to information-centric networking concerns. This rounds out the overall vision of a human-centric ICN stack.

Interpeer NGO Founded

  • As we wrote previously, we got the paperwork for the non-profit filed. Amongst other things, that means you can now support us with donations (which we’d greatly appreciate!).
  • We developed vessel, a streaming and multi-authoring capable container format for ICN.
  • In a similar vein, CAProck contributes to ICN by offering a means for distributed authorization. We’ve also made a start on submitting this work as Internet-Drafts.
  • A lot of development effort went into wyrd, an implementation of a conflict-free, replicated data type.
  • We attended IETF115 where we presented vessel, as well as the general problem with the web that we’re aiming to resolve.
  • As always, development on other projects did not stop. We’re now up to 8 software projects, with more to follow.

New Year 2023

So what’s in store for 2023? In short, more of the same.

  • As you see, we’ve got a new website! This allows us to present project information a lot better than we did previously. And maybe it’s enough to get more blog posts out again. But this is just a start, and will evolve over time. If you have feedback on the site, we’d love to hear from you! The website is made with help from autonomic.
  • We’re planning to attend FOSDEM 2023. The schedule for talks is not yet confirmed, so we can’t post links yet. But we hope to see you there either way!
  • Related to FOSDEM, OFFDEM is a parallel event where we’ll be discussing vessel more. If you have questions about that, that’s the place to be!
  • Development work is going to focus on connecting the ICN to the transport layers. We also hope to provide better APIs for application developers in the near future.


Looking back on 2022, it’s clear that none of what we did would have been possible without support!

We’d like to thank Adrian Cochrane of OpenWork Ltd. for his work on wyrd. His contributions were invaluable!

As far as funding goes, we rely completely on research grants at the moment. As always, NLNet Foundation has been an excellent supporter, and is one of the best places for FOSS grants in Europe! But the recent ICN-oriented work is mostly supported by the Internet Society Foundation. We’re very grateful for the cooperation, and the contacts they forged with other researchers!

You guys rock!

Published on January 26, 2023